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Workshops are currently on hold until further notice, but check out upcoming masterclasses or book one of our one to one consultations instead


£20-£25 for 1 adult and a child

£5 extra for a second adult

£5 off for library members

(check out the membership page for details)

I also offer private workshops, scroll down to see details

Currently all workshops are held in small groups in the Beautiful Bonds cabin.

If there are no workshops showing up on the booking page please get in touch and we can arrange something!

Newborn Carrying



Why babies want to be carried and the 4th trimester.


Different options for carrying newborns

How to use a stretchy wrap.

Feeding in a stretchy.

Safety and optimal positioning.

Refreshments included.

Suitable for expecting parents and those with babies under 8 weeks old.

Back Carrying with Buckles



3 different techniques for getting your child onto your back.

Safety while back carrying.

Tips and tricks.

Dolls available to practice with.

Refreshments included.

Suitable for babies able to sit up unaided and upwards.

Buckle Basics




Basic front carrying.

Different positions and when to use them.

Why there are so many options.

Feeding in a buckle.


Tips for making it more comfortable.

Refreshments included.

Suitable for babies of all ages.

Ring Sling



Tips and tricks of how to use a ring sling.

The differences between different styles and materials.


Refreshments included.

Suitable for babies and toddlers of all ages.

Moms and Babies

Private workshops

Can't make the set dates?

Have a group of friends who want to learn the same things as you?

Perhaps you are part of an NCT group, or another antenatal class?

Then contact us to book a private workshop for you and your friends at a date and time that suits you

These sessions can either be in the Beautiful Bonds cabin or at your own home,

if the space is big enough for the numbers

The host will receive a discount!

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