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Useful links

Have a browse through some of our recommended groups

Colchester Based groups

Check out these local antenatal and postnatal businesses. You can also follow us using the hashtag #colchesterpregnancytopostnatal

Jenny Harmer IBCLC

Calm Sleep

Sarah Everett Outdoor Photography


Jessica Ferrari-Wells Nutrition


First Start First Aid


Moontree Yoga


Tiny Talk Colchester and Tendring

Baby Psychology Basics

Colchester Reflexology

Martine the Doula

Niki Rajput Family Osteopath

Holistic Sleepy Sam

Sacred Space by Tara

East Essex cloth nappy library CIC

La Leche League Colchester

A breastfeeding group offering Mother to mother support, facilitated by trained breastfeeding counselors.


National info links

Carrying matters

A great resource for all things sling related. Rosie Knowles has also written the book "Why Carrying Matters".

Sophie Messager

Sophie's website is full of information about the postnatal period, old traditions and how to adapt them to your circumstances. Sophie has also written the book "Why Postnatal Recovery Matters".


As well as being a center for excellence in carrying consultant training, Slingababy has an abundance of information on all things baby.

La Leche League GB

To find clear, well researched information about breastfeeding head to La Leche League GB.

Breastfeeding Network-Drugs in breastmilk

A great resource if you want to find up to date information on how drugs, medicines and natural remedies effect breastfeeding.

Sarah Ockwell Smith

A well known parenting expert who specialises in the psychology and science of parenting, ‘gentle parenting’ and attachment theory, with a particular interest in child sleep.

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