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Frequently asked questions

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Q: What is the difference between a sling and a carrier?

A: Really there is no difference! They are just different names for carrying aids. Some people will say sling to mean material carrying aids such as woven wraps, ring slings and tie on carriers. And use carrier to mean the more modern soft structured carriers, or buckled carriers. I tend to use the word ‘Sling’ to mean any type of carrying aid and I use ‘Buckled carriers’ to mean the modern style carriers.


Q: How much is it to hire a sling?

A: Sling hire is £10 or £15 per month depending on the sling hired.


Q: What is included in library membership?

A: With library membership you are able to hire as many slings as you want throughout the year. Each time you hire a sling you will earn loyalty points which can be redeemed against sling hire. Generally it works out as the 6th month of sling hire free. You also get £5 off workshops and are welcome to attend our masterclasses for free. As a member you will also get access to discount codes for UK sling retailers and some local businesses. For me details check out the membership page.


Q: What happens during a library session?

A: Both our monthly library sessions are drop in. But we ask that you book in advance so we know roughly what you are hoping to get from the library. Once you arrive you will either be seen immediately by a library volunteer or you can take a seat and wait for one of us to call you. We’ll then spend roughly 15 minutes with you helping you choose a sling to hire or helping you with your own sling. After your session you can see whoever is on admin that day to make your payment. If you are not a library member then the session will cost you £5.

Q: Which service should I book?

A: This depends on what you are wanting to do and if you are really unsure then contact me and we can discuss the best option. However, as a guide here is a summary of each session and what they can be used for (if viewing on a mobile turn to view in landscape):

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Q: How much do your services cost?



Library session

Family Sling Social

Sling membership

Sling hire

Master classes


Private consultations

Free for new and current library members

£5 for non members

Free to attend if not using library

£1.50/adult suggested donation to help cover refreshment costs

From £15/year

£10 or £15/month

Free for library members

£5 for non members

£20-25 for non members

£15-20 for members

£5 for an extra adult

Start from £15/30 minutes

Q: How is payment taken?

A: When you book a paid for service we take a small deposit to secure your place, although you can opt to pay in full. This payment is taken using Square card payments. At a library session we can take card or cash. For consultations I am happy to hold off paying the balance until the day of the session. You can then pay the balance in cash or with a card. This has the benefit of being able to change what consult you have on the day.

Q: Do I bring my baby with me?

A: Yes please do! Although we have dolls that you can practice with, nothing can truly replicate fitting your own individual child in a sling.


Q: Can I bring an extra adult?

A: You can bring as many people to a library session or a consultation as you like! Partners, grandparents, other caregivers are all welcome. During a workshop however, only 1 extra adult can attend at an extra cost of £5.


Q: What happens if I need to tend to my baby?

A: If your baby is upset, or needs feeding, or needs a nappy change, or anything else then please do tend to them. All my sessions are relaxed and easy going. Myself and my volunteers are all mothers and so we completely understand the unpredictable nature of a baby! I allow 2 hours for a workshop because a group of babies may well mean lots of breaks. Quite often the sessions do not run for the entire 2 hours.

Q: I would really like some help but I can't afford your rates

A: If this is the case then please do still get in touch. I can either direct you to an organisation that can help you or we may be able to work something out. I have a few older carriers that I can hire out for free to families in need.

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