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Sling Swing and Beanie Boppers Colchester

Our Peer Supporter Jess Cook runs the local Sling dance class!


Sling Swing

1 month pass £16

PAYG £4.50

Sling Swing is a parent and baby session that encourages bonding through rhythm, music and movement.


While your baby is safe and secure in a sling or carrier, you are able enjoy following our specifically choreographed routines for the postnatal body.

Thursdays 10.30am


Beanie Boppers

1 month pass £16

PAYG £4.50

A movement to music session for under 5s. We explore dances, games and songs while sticking to our chosen theme for the term.

Our online sessions are a jam-packed 20 minutes of fun, to help keep those active little ones enjoying every moment.

Wednesdays 10am

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