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Course Facilitator
Mary Watson, retired midwife


Using Hypnosis for Hypnobirth

A complete antenatal programme developed by Terri Gavin Jones, midwife, and Sandra Handford, hypnotherapist, and accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

I qualified as a midwife in the early 80s when a medicalised birth in hospital was the norm, and where the concept of birth had devolved from a natural, instinctive process to a society of women losing confidence in their ability to give birth. As the 80s progressed into the 90s women and their partners gradually began to search for ways to take back this instinctive ability and hypnosis for childbirth was one of the methods explored and developed.


This programme was developed by a midwife and a hypnotherapist in response to couples who had taken other hypnobirthing classes declining the care a midwife must give. The programme incorporates coping skills and antenatal education in a holistic package, offering more than traditional antenatal classes.

Course details

Private One to One Hypnobirthing Classes from a retired midwife

From £220

Ten hours of face to face course

set over 4 sessions

Sessions can take place

in the Beautiful Bonds cabin or your own home.

Receive a gift bag of goodies.

Refresher sessions also available upon request

From £100

In Labour

What is Hypnobirthing?

 Hypnobirth is a physical and mental preparation for birth. 

It is a way of thinking, an attitude, a philosophy.


Hypnobirth is about encouraging the right hormones for effective labour; deep relaxation; learning effective breathing techniques; encouraging the use of positive language to give the best birth experience possible.

It teaches birth partners techniques to manage and support you throughout your birth experience, whatever that may be.

It encourages couples to work in partnership to remain relaxed and focused whatever path their birth takes. 

 Birth partners work with the midwife to maximise the birth environment, promote oxytocin and encourage active birth. 

The birth partner will gain techniques to support and encourage deep relaxation and will be fully involved in decision making.


For the mother

A calm, relaxed and more comfortable birth; empowerment; able to have the best birth experience whatever that may be.

For the partner

A calm, relaxing experience; the knowledge to effectively support his or her partner in pregnancy, during labour and the birth; feeling in control.

For the baby

Well oxygenated and happy during labour and a happy, calm baby after birth.

Hypnosis for Hypnobirth?

What is it not?

It is nothing to do with being a hippy!
It is not a loss of control.
It will not make you do daft things.
You will not reveal your deepest, darkest secrets.
You will not get stuck in hypnosis.
You will not do anything you do not want to do.


What is hypnosis?

It is self-hypnosis. 
It is learning the techniques for deep relaxation.
It will give you the confidence to use these techniques that can be more powerful than fear or tension, so that you can use them on your own.
It will help you to relax and will enforce positive messages about how you will feel during labour and birth. 


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Happy Clients

"We would like to thank Mary for giving us the most amazing birth experience as we know without it it would have been a very different experience. 

We were able to stay at home longer in the first stages of labour due to the breathing techniques learnt. We were provided with so many relaxing tools to use at our disposal. 

Having Mary be a qualified midwife eased our initial skeptical opinions of hypnobirthing and made us less daunted by labour."

Abi and Steve

Abi says;
"Because of this course, giving birth was a miraculous, empowering, life changing experience that I was more in control of, instead of a terrifying medical procedure that I was shepherded through by medical staff and drugs. My birth experience was positive and amazing and I would recommend the course to all mums to be."

Steve says;
"While on the course I learnt lots of techniques that I could use with Abi, both during the labour and before. It was not only helpful to Abi for me to be doing these things (I think) but it also made me feel like I was contributing to the birth of our child, not only holding her hand."

"I asked Mary to explain hypnobirthing to me in my third pregnancy.  My first 2 labour and birth experiences had traumatised me and I was very worried about the third as I assumed I would have another frightening labour controlled by drugs and not myself. I also had bonding issues with my babies, I presume because of the difficult deliveries. I had heard a lot about hypnobirthing but remained sceptical as I had given birth and thought it would be impossible to control the experience I was familiar with simply with breathing exercises and hypnobirthing therapy. 

I was so wrong!  I went to hospital with a positive mindset, affirmations, candles, the works, and when my 3rd labour was finally induced after many failed attempts everything started to feel all too familiar. But when labour finally started I was able to stay on the hypnobirthing plan and I breathed through the entire journey with a very supportive midwife and husband.  I had no need to use any pain relief which I still find astounding, my labour was a mere 8 hours compared to my previous 30 hour labours, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and was amazed and overwhelmed to breathe out my baby all by myself, and bond with her immediately.


I  am so grateful to Mary for making me believe in myself, not giving up on me when I doubted her and managing to help my husband understand his role and focus his support.  If only I had known 12 years ago what I learnt from Mary I would have been shouting about hypnobirthing for years!"


“Hypnobirthing with Mary was a pleasure, she took her time explaining techniques, put both of us at ease and very importantly made me feel empowered about birthing my baby. Thank you Mary ❤️”